2nd Interview on Akashwani (All India Radio)

2nd Interview on Akashwani (All India Radio)

Mrs  Neha Munje founder of Artistika collective gave an interview to All India Radio which was broadcast on 4 February 2022 in a special program of women named as Vanita Mandal. The main purpose of the interview was “To choose Art as a career”.
she has emphasized today art & creativity have a lot of opportunities in the market. She said if one has an interest in the field of art & creativity then parents should encourage their children and motivate them to choose art as a career such as architecture, visual art( including ceramics, drawing, painting, fashion designing, etc.)


She further said one of the greatest benefits of working in ART is the opportunity to use your creativity on a daily basis. It’s an important part of work and makes the career field rewarding day after day. You can explore new and innovative ways to express yourself artistically.
Further, she enlightened how Art therapy can be useful as stress management. Creating art relieves stress and encourages creative and positive thinking. This art therapy was very useful especially during the current covid-19 pandemic period as everyone was under the negative mode of mind setup.
The overall interview has been quite meaningful and encouraging for new aspirants to make Art as a tool for a career.

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