Mr. & Miss. Vidarbha Competition

Mr. & Miss. Vidarbha Competition

A group of members of Artistika Collective recently participated in the “Mr and Miss Vidarbha Competition” held at Vasantrao Deshpande hall at Nagpur. On that  occasion the founder of the organisation Mrs. Neha Munje addressed the audience and said “Keral Mural Paintings, Madhubani Paintings and other kinds of Indian paintings and art forms have to be rejuvenated and enriched with the aid of fabric painting” she further said, “we at Artistika Collective have been consistently active in exhibiting the Indian Art forms which have considerably gone into oblivion and therefore these arts forms which is on the verge of disappearance needs to be re-established in its pristine glory. In that direction we have undertaken to spread awareness among people and artists. Ancient Puran – stories, Ajanta Ellora Paintings, Shri Krishna’s various manifestations beautifully relate to our rich tradition of value system and typical Indian Art of which they are symbolic. She also stressed the need of study of ancient art for the buddying artists whereby they could recognition for themselves and also could also benefit financially and professionally. She informed how her organisation helps to wards empowerment of artists by making available the platform of the Artistika Collective to achieve economic independence.

About 12 participants, who participated in the event, have exhibited hand made paintings on the Sareees. So therefore, the fabric painting needs to be conserved, promoted widely and also to be adopted by the public at large in the interest of Indian art.

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